Young Anvil 5
Charles J. Anvil

Charles James Anvil was born in October of 1963 to Jack and Alexandra Anvil. He was crowned Zoviak King in 1996.


Charles had one younger brother named John. He married Claire Melvin and had twins. They were Crystal and Edward Anvil. At the age of 3, Edward was taken away to live with John.

Rise to PowerEdit

Charles became corrupted and began to desire unlimited power. His rants of maddness drove his wife and daughter away.He ended of killing hundreds of Normies. By the end of 2010 he had ordered zoviax and spies of his to kill nearly all the world leaders. He had taken over the world.


Anvil died at the Great Battle of D.C  

He was killed when his wand lost to the Century wand which was owned by Allcabob.

  When he died he wasted away to a skeleton and eventually turned to dust and blew away. 6 years later his body was reassembled by his widowed wife Claire and buried in the center of the Zoviax Cemetery.