Chapter I

The beginning

King Andrew

122 years after the death of Dominic De Annora, his soul looked upon the descendants of his 15 followers. He was deeply saddened by what had become of his follower Zachariah Kingsley II. He watched from his mother’s ethereal home as she came back to Earth to defeat and banish Yavas-Turi. It was that day that he vowed to return to the world to help his people.

He cast his soul back to Earth through a Zoviak mother’s unborn child; He was born again into the world as the son of a new zoviak named Christopher Troy. When the baby was born, he wasn’t gray like normal newborn zoviax. He was golden and slightly glowing. The baby’s father took one look at his son and called him a monster. “No Daniel! He is your son. Do you not see his beauty?” Said the man’s wife Maria. But the father was unswayed from his previous accusation. He grabbed his hatchet from his belt and struck the baby. But the baby was not killed. The hatchet’s blade shattered against the infant’s head, blasting his father 5 feet across the room.

The mother looked in utter astonishment at her child. It was then that she saw her baby’s blue eyes. The same blues eyes as Dominic. “Don’t you get it Daniel? Our baby is more than just a Zoviak.” said the Maria. “I’ve only seen those eyes one other time, I think this baby is somehow related to his gloriousness, Dominic De Annora.” Daniel stood back up and nodded in agreement with his wife. “But there’s only one way to find out for sure.” He said.

The two took their newborn baby to the Temple of the Zoviax to see Tulek Peter Tailor, the third Tulek of the Zoviax Order. After performing several holy tests, the Tulek told them that their son was in fact the reincarnation of Dominic De Annora. Christopher himself had no memory or recollection of his previous life as the holy son of Mother Annora.

Years passed as the baby grew into a boy. By the age of 11, young Christopher showed magical abilities and skills that not even most adult zoviax had mastered. He was an exceptional spell caster and seemed to affect his surroundings by his emotions. When he was angry, the surrounding sky above him began to darken and form thunder clouds. When he was happy, everyone around him also became happy and no matter what the weather, the sun would shine brightly over him.

After Christopher turned 16, his parents; along with Tulek Peter Tailor, told him the secret behind his strange advanced abilities. They told him that he was the reincarnated Dominic De Annora. “You are the holy son returned to us on earth to lead the Zoviak to the side of righteousness and bring balance to the order and save us from the darkness of Yavas-Turi.” The Tulek told him. But all this was too much for Christopher. He ran. Far away from his parents and the Tulek and teleported away before anyone could talk to him.

He reappeared at Dominic’s cliff, named by the Original elders after the cliff that Dominic De Annora fell off and died. He sat on the edge looking down at the beach below. “I can’t be Dominic De Annora. I just can’t.” He said to himself. He felt a slight tingling feeling as a bright white light escaped from his back and materialized behind him. Then, he heard another person speak from behind him. “I know it’s a rather large burden to bear. But I chose you because I knew you could bear it.” Christopher spun around to see a vision of Dominic De Annora. “But…but how.” Christopher stammered.

“I live in you, my child. Just like you, I had a lot of decisions and responsibilities when I was alive.” Dominic said. He walked over to the cliff’s edge and looked out to the sea. “I remember the day I fell off this edge and left my followers to pass on my teachings. I guess they weren’t completely ready, judging by how Zachariah turned out.” He continued, “I ask you to do what I could not, bring balance to the order. Take the training and pass the trials. If you need me, I will always be with you, in here.”

As he said the last two words, Dominic placed his hand over Christopher’s heart. He turned back into the bright white glow and was absorbed back into Christopher through his heart and was then gone. Christopher stood up and teleported back home. He told his parents and the Tulek that he was ready to take the tests.

He spent the next 3 years in the Temple with the Tulek taking the advance Zoviak training. On the day that he had finished the training, he had a ceremony. “Today, Christopher Troy has completely the advanced training.” The Tulek said. “Arise, Christopher, first Anue’k.” During his life, he served as the Zoviak prophet and ambassador to the Normys.

On summer day in 1384, he saved the life of King Jonathan O. Anvil, the first king of the Zoviax. When a jealous fellow Zoviak confronted King Jonathan, he claimed that he didn’t deserve to be king and that he was going to forcibly take the throne from him. At the time, King Jonathan didn’t have is wand with him. Just as the Zoviak cast a killing spell at him, Christopher cast himself in between the two and then there was a blinding light. Christopher’s body began to glow yellow and the killing spell bounced off of him and rebounded knocking the zoviak attacker off his feet. From that day on Christopher glowed, signaling that he have passed the final test was truly the Anue’k. 

On his deathbed in 1419, he had temporarily completely synched with Dominic and told his wife, 3 children, and 2 grandchildren that he would be reincarnated again and again, so that the Order would always remain in balance. Then, he died. He was 70 years old.

Chapter II

The Life of Lisa Tessa De'Barbari

Lisa T. De’Barbari was born 7 months after the death of Christopher Troy. She was born to an Italian Zoviak family. Unlike her previous life, her parents told her she was the next Anue’k when she was 8 years old. She took it great and was excited to be the Keeper of balance in the Zoviak Order.

Lisa was born in a very wealthy house. She was related to the last King, King Anthony Anvil on her mother’s side. Before he died, King Anthony left his daughter with a fortune and a rather large home to live in with her new husband. Lisa had many friends in her childhood and spent her days playing in the field.

Lisa was visited by Tulek John Taylor a few weeks after turning 17. She was ready to take the trials. She had been waiting for 5 years. She trained for 3 years and lived at the Temple of the Zoviax. She learned the extended history of the 6 knights and the 15 elders. She also learned to better control her emotional abilities. After she had finished the trials at the age of 20, she left the Temple and went on to help her fellow Zoviax in need.

During the reign of King Samuel Anvil, she helped Elder Gregory Ellwood hide his wand from the envious king. She was the only one able to combine an item as powerful as a century wand with a common broadsword. She; being skilled in the art of blacksmithing, was the one who forged the sword for her dear friend Gregory. But however, Gregory mislead the Anue’k by telling her that he would give the sword to his first-born child when he died. Gregory died at the age of 59 in 1462 and ordered his sword to be buried in his tomb with him.

Anue’k Lisa Tessa did many kind and heroic things during her life; however, she also did some bad things. For example, at the age of 24, she helped Benjamin Ustedan learn the secret of immortality, causing the death of over 40 Zoviax and Normys. After she had discovered how he was maintaining his immortality, she confronted him in his home.

“Benjamin Ustedan, how can you live with what you have done? 43 people are dead, all to feed your lust for power and unending life.” She yelled at him. “Acceptable losses, my young friend. I have plans and ideas that will help the Zoviax spread their customs across the world. And in order to accomplish it, I must continue to live well past my lifespan. What are a few people compared to a new Era?” Benjamin responded.

“A few People?! How can you say such things? I thought you were a good man of Zul faith. How can you look me the Anue’k, in the eyes and break the 6th Law of the Zoviax?!” Anue’k Lisa Tessa responded. “I will not allow you to stand in my way, even if you are the Anue’k!” He retorted.

“I don’t want to have to fight you. An Anue’k is a nonviolent prophet.” Lisa Tessa warned him. “If you want to keep me from carrying on my plans for expansion, then you’ll have to kill Me., which you just can’t do! You couldn’t kill an ant!” He teased.

“So be it, but remember, this is on you.” The Anue’k woman sighed, taking out her wand. The 42 year old man charged at the woman, she responded with a shield spell. Benjamin fought angrily and furiously, but Lisa Tessa fought with grace and calmly, only blocking her opponent’s spells instead of attacking. Then, Benjamin completely gave into his anger and cast the killing spell at the Anue’k. She put her hand outward and caught the ball of red lightning in her hand. It was then, that she began to glow and was truly the Anue’k.  Benjamin was in utter fear and shock at witnessing a zoviak hold a killing spell in their hand.

It was over, all she had to do was redirect it back at him, and he would be dead. But Lisa Tessa wasn’t going to take his life. She squeezed her hand into a fist and crushed the red glowing spell ball into red sand that fell from her hand and onto the floor. “But…how...HOW?!” Ustedan said. “I am the Anue’k, the second reincarnation of Dominic De Annora.” She replied, “I possess powers that not even the nuns and monks at the Zovian Monastery possess.”

Benjamin took this opportunity to teleport away. Although the Anue’k failed to stop him, he was finally caught and punished for his crimes in the 1800’s by King Eric Anvil II.

Lisa gave birth to two children Phillip and Athena Le’Sanctus. Phillip grew up to become Phillip De Le Mort, a monk in the Zovian Monastery. Anue’k Lisa Tessa died at the age of 47 in 1488 when she was killed by Benjamin in their second fight. She lost after giving up out of sadness from the hatred in Ustedan’s heart. She finally dropped her wand and was killed when she was struck by a fatal killing spell.

No one ever discovered who killed her and Benjamin when on to continue killing people to feed his lifespan and was granted sainthood three years after his death. However, his soul was denied entry to Mother Annora’s home and was cursed to rot inside his corpse in his grave.

Chapter III

The Life of Mark Asgaurd

Mark was born 2 weeks after the death of Lisa Tessa De’Barbari. His parents didn’t know he was the next Anue’k until he was the age of 15. Tulek Bartholomew Keely spent the first 6 years of his term as Tulek after the death of Tulek John Taylor searching for the New Anue’k. It wasn’t until a strange occurrence one day when 30 Zoviax around the 15 year old Mark were disarmed as their wands all flew out of their hands and flew to Mark. He didn’t like getting pelted by wands.

Mark’s parents took him to the Tulek after believing he was cursed or possessed so that he could “cure” him. It was then when Mark was identified as the 3rd Anue’k. Tulek Bartholomew was so happy that he began to run around the Temple and hug every person he encountered.

Mark was confused. He had no idea who or even what an Anue’k was. His parents had never told him. He was born into a rather poor family that worked most of the day to earn enough money to feed themselves. When the Tulek told him of the tests, he was at first skeptical and unsure. “I assure you, the Anue’k will be able to support his loved ones. He/she is the peacekeeper of the Order and is rewarded with whatever they desire, including money.” Tulek Bartholomew said. The second his parents heard this, they made the choice for him.

Unlike his two previous incarnations, Mark passed the trials and tests in only one year. At the age of 16, Mark Asgaurd had his ceremony was officially named the 3rd Anue’k. He was summoned a few months later by King Robert Anvil II to formally meet him in person. Mark took his parents with him to meet his highness. Upon seeing King Robert, Mark’s parents fell to their knees in utter astonishment and humbleness.

“Oh your highness, your excellency! We are honored, HONORED to bask in your presence.” Mark’s mother said.  King Robert however, was not amused by their worship of him. “I thought I made it clear that I asked for The Anue’k, not his family. Guards, remove Mr. and Mrs. Asgaurd from my throne room and escort them to the exit.” King Robert II said. Two guards grabbed Mark’s parents by the arms and dragged them twisting and turning out of the throne room, kicking and screaming.

“That wasn’t very nice sir.” Mark said. “Anue’k Mark, please follow me.” King Robert II responded.  The young Anue’k followed the King outside to his balcony. He looked out at the town below him that surrounded the castle. “My men inform me that there is a shipment of stolen wine that will be transported through the kingdom tomorrow. This is the 7th time this year that this has happened. A normy group is behind the smuggling, it was formally not of my concern. However, I was a few days ago informed that one the Zoviax in the kingdom is a member of the Smuggling ring and uses my kingdom as a checkpoint in their smuggling path. I need you to break up the smuggling operation, and find out the zoviak that is helping them. Send the Normys on their way, I could care less, but report the Zoviak to me.” The King said.

“I will do this task for you, your highness, but I would ask that you allow my parents to come back into the castle.” The young Anue’k said. The King reluctantly agrees and Mark set out to stop the wine smuggling. The next day, Mark found the smuggling and at first tried to stop it peacefully. However, the men responded with swords and knives. Using his powers, Mark was able to defeat all his attackers, causing serious injuries to them. It was then that one of the smugglers informed Mark that the wine was in fact their rightful property. The truth was that King Robert II was stealing it from them. All they wanted to do was to get it back.

Then, one man stepped forth. “My name is Edward Fenrir. I am the King’s advisor. I am the zoviak that helps these men under the King’s nose.” He said. The Anue’k was astonished; the King had lied to him and tried to get him to punish innocent men.

Mark stormed through the throne room doors of the castle. “Ah, Anue’k, you’ve returned. Did you do what I commanded of you?” King Robert II asked. “No, I found out the truth. You…You used me to do your dirty work and hurt 17 innocent men. ”He replied, “You abused my power as well as your own and lied to me.” Mark was so angry that he raised his wand at him. I should report you to the Elder Council for the theft and lies you have committed. But it wasn’t just the king’s selfishness that he saw, there was something else.

“How dare you raise a wand at your king?! I shall show you, GUARDS!” the power mad King commanded. Two guards burst in and grabbed the Anue’k. This Anue’k has shown himself to be corrupted. Perhaps the next will be better. Guards lock him in the dungeon; he is to be put to death tomorrow.”

Mark sat in the dungeon chained to the wall. “How could I let myself to be so blind?” He sulked. Words from the year he spent taking the trials swirled in his mind. ‘NO!” he said defiantly as he stood up. “I am Mark Asgaurd, descendant of the Elder Clarence Asgaurd and third reincarnation of his holiness Dominic De Annora. And with that he started to try to rip the chains out of the wall, as he tried to, he began to glow, it was then at that moment that Mark’s skin turned gold and he passed his final test as an Anue’k.

Soon, he ripped the chains right out of the stone wall. He walked up the stone stairs and blasted the door that kept him from the rest of the castle. When he entered the King’s throne room, he was greeted by the shocked King Robert himself. “No, it…it can’t be. You…You’re glowing!” King Robert II stammered.

“Yes, and I know who you are. You’ve been in him for too long.” Anue’k Mark replied. He had discovered what was happening. The King was possessed by the angry spirit of Yavas-Turi. Mark’s eyes glowed blue. He stepped forward and thrust his hand deep into King Robert II’s chest and forcefully ripped Yavas out of him. “Now as Elder Edward Questly once did 200 years ago, I cast you from this world. Yavas-Turi screamed in anger as he disappeared, stating he would one day return.

King Robert stood in a state of confusion and exhaustion. “I thank you, Anue’k Mark Asgaurd, for freeing me from the grasp of Yavas-Turi. Now I shall retire for the night. Two of the King’s men escorted him to his bed chambers.

4 years later at the age of 20, Mark was made King Robert II’s royal advisor and right hand man. He served that position for 43 years, and changed to being the royal advisor of King Henry Anvil when he became King. However, in 1551, The Zoviak Kingdom was struck by an active volcano. The now 63 year old Anue’k told everyone to get inside the castle for safety. He now spoke with both his voice and the voice of Dominic De Annora.

He stood at the edge of the kingdom as his eyes glowed blue again. He raised his arms and the ground around him began to move. The lava was coming closer and closer. He swung his hands in the air as the dirt from the ground rose. He raised a 50 foot wall of dirt and water from the ocean that bordered the kingdom.

The lava was halted by the wall for a second before it began to go over the wall. The Anue’k glowed brighter and brighter as he summoned all of his power and strength. The lava stopped and began to harden. He had saved them all, but not himself. When the zoviax came to the wall to search for him, they found his body permanently frozen in a stance of power wielding and encased in a solid diamond rock. That was the day Mark David Asgaurd, the 3rd Anue’k died.

The wall was soon named “Anue’ks wall”. It from that day serves as a border wall of the Kingdom. Mark’s body was a few weeks later removed from the wall and moved to an underground shrine closed to the public except for 3 days a year. Every year on the day of his death, the current Tulek and King go down to the shrine to place flowers and light the candles.

Chapter IV

The Life of George Wolf

George Wolf was born 16 months later in 1552 in a dirt poor Viak home to a farmer and his wife. At the time, Viaks were hated by the Zul zoviax and the King. Thus, it was very hard for them to get jobs in the Zoviax kingdom.

George wasn’t discovered to be the next Anue’k until the age of 19 when Tulek Franklin Deeds IV issued that all zoviax between ages 19 and 21 to report to the Temple of the Zoviax to see if the Anue’k could be found. After 3 weeks of testing young adult Zoviax, George Wolf was finally discovered to be the next Anue’k. At first, his surviving mother and sister Sarah objected to this, stating that Dominic De Annora would never enter the body of a Viak. But Tulek Franklin simply replied that Dominic chooses his next life indiscriminant of religion.  

George began training and finished 3 years later at the age of 23. However, regardless of who he was, he never converted to Zul. A few weeks after his completion of training, he and his family were invited to a formal dinner by King Benjamin Anvil. Of course, he and his family were pleasured to join. After the dinner, the King took George for a walk across Anue’ks Wall. “George, do you know the history of this wall?” The King asked the young Anue’k. “Yes, your highness, Tulek Franklin told me. This wall was created by the last Anue’k Mark Asgaurd. It was also formally his tomb.” He said. “I have high hopes for you. He helped both my father and saved my grandfather from Yavas-Turi”. The King said. 

George lived the rest of his life quite smoothly. Because he lived during an 80 year era of Order wide peace and harmony, George didn’t have to do basically anything besides lead the Religious holidays with the Tulek. George died of Tuberculosis in 1624 at the age of 72.

Chapter V

The Life of Clarabella ”Bella” Turi

About 2 months after the death of George Wolf, the next Anue’k was born. Like, the Anue’ks previous life, they were born to a Viak family. However, this baby was born with an ugly red birthmark across her face.

One cold winter night, the baby along with her mother, father, and two other Viaks traveled through the town called “Zovia” where the Temple was. At the time, Viaks weren’t allowed in Zovia, as they were seen as enemies. This is why the Viaks were attempting to sneak through in a boat in the dead of night. But however, they were caught by the Temple’s guards. Then, their worst fear stared them in the face, Elder John Ravi. Elder Ravi was the Elder descendant of Zachariah Kingsley II and was in charge of Viak trespassing discipline.

“Bring these Viak vermin to the King’s palace for sentencing.” said Elder Ravi. Then one of the guards noticed the wrapped bundle in the woman’s arms. “YOU THERE, WOMAN! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!” Commanded the guard. “Stolen properties of course, go and take it from her!” But the woman ran. She was chased by the Elder across Zovia until she came to the Temple and began banging on the door begging to be let in for safety. It was there that Elder John caught up and attempted to forcedly take the bundle from her. When she wouldn’t let go, he struck her with a stunning spell and she fell backwards, hitting a stone tile and dying.

Elder John looked at what he believed to be stolen properties and found out its true nature. “A child?” he said, looking at the child’s scared face, “(gasp) A demon!” Then, he looked at the cliff that overlooked the sea. He approached it about to drop the baby to her death. “STOP!!!” cried Tulek Cedric Wilson. “This is an unholy demon. I’m sending her back to Yavas-Turi where she belongs.” Elder John replied.

“Look at the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps the Temple!” the Tulek said. “I am without guilt. She ran from me, and as it is my duty, I chased her.” The Elder argued. “And now you would add this child’s blood to your guilt on the soil of the Temple?” He asked. “My conscience is clear!” Elder Ravi retorted. “You can lie to yourself and the others and you can claim that you are without sin.” The Tulek said, “But you never can run from, nor hide what you’ve done from the eyes, the very eyes of this Temple!”

Elder John Ravi looked in horror at the statues of the first Elder’s, the six knights, and Dominic De Annora’s statues carved into the Temple’s walls and staring right at him. Then, his heart skipped a beat as he saw the Statue of Mother Annora looking angrily right into his soul.

“What must I do?” The Elder asked. “Care for the child.” The Tulek replied, “And raise her as your own.” Elder John was in shock. “What?! I’m to be stuck with this ugly little...Very well, but let her live with us in the Temple.” He said. “Live here? But where?” Tulek Cedric asked. “Anywhere. Just so she’s kept far off where no one can see her.” The Elder said, “The high bell tower perhaps. And who knows, Our Lady is a very mysterious angel. Maybe one day, this girl shall help us all.”

And so Elder John Ravi gave the child a horrid name, a name that means unwanted in Zovian. That name was Clarabella Turi, after Yavas-Turi. And so the baby grew into a young girl, taught to use her magic by Elder Ravi. She used spells to ring the bells every day. However, in order to make her feel isolated, Elder Ravi allowed Clarabella to stay a Viak.

After 2 years, Elder Ravi told the other Elders, but lied to say he found her. Years later, Clarabella had reached the age of 17 in 1641, never being discovered to be the next Anue’k. As a young woman, Clarabella showed excellent skills at spell casting and meditation. There came one day that Clarabella asked to go out into the town to attend the 293rd anniversary celebration of the banishment of Yavas-Turi by Mother Annora. “Five years ago I granted you permission to go in any room and freely wander the Temple and you still want to leave the safety of the Temple to go out in the public?” Elder John asked. “Well… yes. It’s just you go every year and…” Clarabella mumbled. “I am a member of the Elder council I must go. Although being it was my ancestor who was banished, I don’t enjoy a moment of it.” He responded. Elder Ravi paused and then signed.

“Oh my poor girl. You don’t know what it’s like outside the Temple. The world is cruel out there. The people in this temple are the only ones you can trust in this whole city. We are you only friends. Remember what I have taught you, Clarabella. Your face is marked, and you’re a Viak. And these are things for which the world shows little pity. Out there they’ll revile you as a Viak, out there they will hate, and scorn, and jeer. Why allow them to do these monstrosities? When you are safe within these sacred walls? Do as I say, obey, and stay in here.” He preached. “Thank you sir. I am sorry.” She said. “And you are forgiven.” He replied.

Elder Ravi kissed her on the forehead and left to go back to his room. Clarabella rang the bells for the 9 am hour and went downstairs to the dining hall for her breakfast. Afterwards, she went up to the balcony to watch the festival. During it, however, a Viak man crashed it when he snuck in and burned the giant statue of Mother Annora to the ground. “This day is nothing to celebrate! This was the day a witch turned on one of her “children” and banished him from the Earth.” He shouted.

“How dare you?!” Elder Jane Toniz shouted, “Guards, seize him!” But the Viak avoided them all by using spells to keep them away and escaped inside the Temple. Because of Law created by Tulek John Taylor, as long as he was inside the temple, he couldn’t be arrested. “Well done avoiding arrest my boy” Elder Jane said, “You’ve chosen a grand prison, but a prison nonetheless.” Then Elder John passed by him to return to the festival. “And although we cannot arrest you, we don’t have to feed you or give you a place to sleep. Enjoy your stay in the Temple of the Zoviax.”

The Viak groaned in anger and began to wander the temple. Clarabella watched him while hiding behind pillars. Then, the Viak man was approached by an unlikely person. “Heh heh heh, I haven’t seen a spectacle like that since that mob fight back in 1584 when I was but a boy.” said Tulek Wilson. “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry I just…don’t know what I was thinking out there. And now I’m trapped in here until I starve to death or leave and get arrested.” The Viak said. “Don’t be so scared. The elders aren’t as mean as you think. Take for instance Elder Ravi, after an accident with her mother He took in a baby girl and has raised her in the temple for the last 17 years.” He said.

“Really? Where is she?” The man said. “She’s around here somewhere. Ah there she is. Clarabella come over here please.” Tulek Cedric said. Clarabella slowly and shyly walked over to the two men. “H-hi.” She murmured. The Tulek walked back to the Altar to perform is daily jobs. “I heard what they said about not feeding you.” Clarabella said. “Yeah. But I’ve been through worst.” He said. “I have plenty of food in my room. You can have some of mine.” Said Clarabella. “Oh thank you!”

Clarabella leads him to her room up in the high tower. “Woah, it’s really big up here. You mean you have all this to yourself?” He asked. “Yep.” She replied, giving him a loaf of bread. “So, what’s your name?” She asked. “Oh how rude of me, It’s Michael Borrio. I originally came to Zovia to see my cousin. She’s a Zul, but we don’t let that ruin our family.” He said. “Then why did you crash the festival?!” Clarabella asked.

“My cousin was discovered to be sneaking me into her home every year and well, I fought her hanging at the gallows yesterday.” Michael said. “By the six. I’m…I’m so sorry.” Clarabella said as she put her hand over her mouth. “I was just so angry that I…I.” He started. “You were angry enough to crash a celebration, I understand.” She replied.

“By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the story of that red mark on your face?” Michael asked. Clarabella by reflex covers her face with her hands. “Oh, it’s horrible I know! Don’t look at me!” She panicked. “No! No! No, it’s not that. You’re a beautiful girl. I just wanted to know about it.” He said. “Clarabella slowly uncovers her face. “You really mean that?” She asked. “Yep.” He replied. “Well, I was kinda born with it. Master Ravi told me it’s the mark of a Turi follower. Some Viaks are born with it. That’s why he took me in. Anyone else would’ve killed me.” She explained, “He and the other Elders have raised me my whole life.”

“Reminds me of my family.” Said Michael. “You have a family? What are they like?” She asked. “Well, I have two sisters and one brother. My brother is just learning to use a wand now. It’s a shame I’ll never see them again.” He sighed. “What are you talking about never see them again?” Clarabella asked. “I’m either going to get arrested or live for the rest of my life in here.” He said. “What if I got you out? Would you promise to come back and visit me?” She asked. “Yes, of course.” He replied. That night, Clarabella snuck Michael out of the temple through the tombs under the temple.

She went downstairs to the altar. “Oh, I hope he gets back to his home safely. Please, please, please.” She says to herself. She looks at the statue of Mother Annora. “I don’t know if you can hear me, or if you’re even there. And I don’t know if you would listen, to a Viak’s prayer. Yes, I know I’m just a Viak, I shouldn’t speak to thee. But still I see your face and wonder, were you once like me? Annora help the Viaks, hated from birth. Show them the kindness, they don’t find on Earth. Please help my people, the poor and down trod, I thought we all were the children of thou.” She prays. The other people in the altar also pray. Some asking for wealth, some asking for glory. They all pray for Annora and the six knights to bless them.

Many months passed and something strange happened. Elder Ravi began spending more and more time with Clarabella. Although they were 33 years apart in age, John had become seduced by the young woman’s newly matured body. It went to the point where he became twisted and obsessed with her. He prayed to mother Annora to help him end these urges he had for her but they only grew week after week.

One summer night in 1642, the Temple was visited by his majesty King James Andrew Anvil I. As people scrambled to try to get a glimpse of him, he was only interested in seeing The Elders about some royal business. On that day, the entire Temple was closed to the public. Anyone who didn’t live in the Temple was not allowed to enter it.

“So, I trust you desire to know the reasons behind my visit today.” said the 29 year old king. “Well, to be completely honest, we believed it was to formally meet us and see the Temple.” Said Elder Patrick D’santcus. “No, I’m here to find out who was responsible for the escape of a Viak by the name of Michael Borrio. He was to be arrested months ago and brought to my palace.” He said angrily. The Elders stumble and trip other each other verbally to explain what had happened to him. “ENOUGH!  I don’t really care whose fault it is right now. Just see me to my bedchamber for the night, the hour is late.” He commanded.

Two guards and Elder Jane lead him to his room for the night, but on his way, he notices Clarabella cleaning the floor in a hallway. “Who is she? One of the elder’s children? And if so, why is she doing such peasant labor?” The King asked. “Pay no attention to her your majesty, she is no one. A lowly house servant.” Elder Jane said. “Hey, I am not a house servant!” Clarabella retorted. Her outburst is met with a death glare from Elder Jane. “Oh Goddess, she’s marked! WHY IS A MARKED ZOVIAK IN THE TEMPLE?!” He screamed. “You see…” One guard started. But King James wouldn’t hear it; he commanded the two guards and the Elder to leave him and Clarabella at once.

Once they were alone, he calms down. “I’m sorry, I had to say that. I don’t think you’re a plague on the Zoviax. What is your name?” He asked her. “My name is Clarabella Turi. When my mother died, I was taken in by Elder John Ravi. I was just a baby. “I feel your pain. My parents were killed some 10 years ago by some power crazed thief assassin. He didn’t even have a reason. He just did.” He said. “I remember that day in the news. A man who had looted the tomb of Elder Gregory Ellwood used his sword to kill King Peter Anvil and Queen Annabelle.” She said.

“Yes, I remember the day like it was yesterday. I came into my parents’ throne room to see my father dead and that man ripping that sword out of my mother’s chest. He looked me in the eyes before he turned and fled. 3 weeks, it took three agonizing weeks to catch that bastard and bring him back to me.” He replied. “I’m so sorry.” Clarabella said. “I’m a Viak. And because of this, I’m not allowed outside the Temple. That and my face that is.”

“It is for your own safety. They’ll rip you apart out there.” He said. As he said this, he slipped and cut his hand on a sharp end of a cement brick. “Arghh!” He groaned. “Let me see.” She said. As he holds his bloody hand in her palm, she waves her other hand over it. It begins to glow yellow. Then, his hand begins to heal itself. As she finishes her hand stops glowing.       “H-how did you do that? Not only did you create a near impossible healing spell, but you did it without a wand?” The King said. “Oh, I don’t really know, I’ve always had that ability. I can’t quite explain.” She replied. “Clarabella, what would you say if I offered to take you with me back to my castle?” He asked.

A look of sudden surprise and happiness flashed on her face. “Oh yes, yes, yes!!” She screamed. The king quickly quiets her, no wanting anyone to hear. That night, the two of them snuck out of the Temple and escaped on the King’s royal ship and set sail for the palace.

That night, at the same time, Elder John Ravi was in his bed chamber, looking out his window at the sleeping town and further on at the ocean glowing in the moon light. “Beata Annora, you know I am a righteous man, of my title I am very proud, and you know I’m so much purer than, the common filth that crowd the streets of this town. Then, tell me, Annora, why I see her standing there, why her beautiful eyes scorch my soul. I see her, I feel her, the sunshine in her hazel hair, Tis burning me out of all control. This burning, desire, is turning me to sin!” He asked to Mother Annora.

As he said this, a hallucination of all the Elders of the past arose in the room, whispering things to him. “It’s not my fault! I’m not to blame! It was the Viak girl, the one who set this flame!” He argued. But the Elders kept accusing him. “It’s not my fault, as if in her plan, she made temptation much more powerful than a man.” He said. The Elders disappeared. “Protect me Annora, don’t let that girl cast that spell, don’t let my lust corrupt my soul. Destroy Clarabella, and let her taste death and decay, or let her be mine and mine alone.”

Then, there was a sudden harsh knocking at the door. “Elder Ravi, the Viak girl has escaped.” A guard said. “What” Elder Ravi asked. “She’s nowhere to be found in the temple, she’s gone.” He replied. “But how, I…nevermind, get out you imbecile! I’ll find her! I WILL FIND HER!” He whispers to himself. The guard leaves again. “Now Clara it’s your turn, choose me or your death, be mine of you will die! Annora have mercy on her, Annora have mercy on me, but she will be mine, or she will die!” He yells out the window.

Back on board The Lioness, Clarabella is on the bow looking out at the waves as they pass the War Galleon. “It’s a beautiful ship isn’t it?” King James asks her. “Oh yes, it’s simply marvelous.” Clarabella answers. But the king notices a slight look of unhappiness on her face. “Is there something wrong? You aren’t regretting your choice to leave your home are you?” He panics. “No, it’s not that. I promised myself I would come back someday. It’s just… You’ve been so kind to me and…I feel guilty.” She replies.

“Why?” He asks. “Then, Clarabella breaks down into tears. As she starts sobbing, the clear sky begins to become filled with dark thunderclouds. The sea under the ship begins to grow violent. “BRACE YOURSELVES! STORM’S ABREWING! ALL HANDS TO STATIONS!!” Captain Francis Questly ordered, “Your majesty, you should get underdeck where it’s safe.” King James and Clarabella run into the captain’s cabin and under the deck through the trap door latch. Once inside, he asks her why she is crying. “It’s my fault! I’m the one who let Michael Borrio escape! It was me! It was me! “She cried. As she went deeper and deeper into her tantrum, the storm outside got worse and worse. The ship began to rock back and forth in the water.

A lightning bolt struck the ship, catching a stack of crates on fire. Captain Questly raised his wand to the sky and cast a spell to stop the storm, but it had no effect. By now, Clarabella was rocking in a ball, babbling incoherently and crying her eyes out. “Clarabella, it’s okay. I’m not mad. Who cares if he got away? All I care about now is you and getting to my kingdom in one piece!” King James said. In a final attempt to calm her, he embraces her with a comforting hug. A huge yellow glowing beam explodes outward from her and the storm vanishes.

After a few seconds, James lets go of her and looks into her beautiful blue eyes, the same blue eyes his father’s advisor George Wolf had. Then, Captain Questly runs down the ladder and into the room. “Alright, I don’t know what the Hell just happened, but now the entire storm is gone just like that!” He shouted. King James snaps out of his trance and thinks for a minute. “Clarabella, did…you make that storm?” He asked. She nodded her head. “I’ve always had that ability. Just like my ability to heal wounds. I was born different and I never really knew why.” She answered.

“Oh my Goddess, It’s her! Your highness, I think we’ve found her.” The captain said, “After 1 long years. We’ve found the next Anue’k.” King James stands up and helps Clarabella onto her feet. “Yes, I believe we have found the 5th Anue’k.” He responds.

After they land in England, King James and the other inhabitants of the ship return to their homes. James gives Clarabella a tour of the castle. “So, what happens now?” Clarabella asks. “Well, normally, the Tulek would be called to verify your Anue’k status and train you, but I’m sure you don’t want to see him or any of the other residents of the Temple for a while.” He replies. Clarabella shakes her head. “Then my advisor will do those instead.” The King answers, “Now come, I’d like you to meet my wife and children.

King James introduces Clarabella to his wife Queen Annabeth and his children prince James Anvil II and Princess Catherine. “I’d like you all to meet the 5th Anue’k, Clarabella Turi. There is a short silence. “Umm, that means unwanted follower of Yavas- Turi.” Queen Annabeth said.  “I don’t like talking about my name or past. I want to start anew today.” Clarabella said. “And so you shall.” King James said as he put his hand on her shoulder, “From this day forward, you shall be known as Bella and your training as the new savior of the Zoviak Order.”

From that day onward, Bella trained with King James and his advisor. For the next 4 years, she focused solely on her training, nearly forgetting about her life at the Temple. But over in Zovia, Elder John Ravi had not forgotten her. He had taken his anger of losing her out on the Viaks found in the town. His forbidden love for Bella along with his hatred for Viaks drove him completely insane. By his command, all Viaks caught in the town were now to be tortured for information on other Viaks and then brutally executed. Because of what had happened at that festival 3 years back, the other Elders agreed with him and stood out of his way.

It was one day that Bella could bare no more. She asked King James to be excused. She sailed back to Zovia to confront her adopted father. When she arrived, she looked in horror at what was happening. A public execution was being held. The victim was none other than Michael Borrio.

“This man is a very infamous Viak. Many of you may not recognize him, because of the thick beard he has grown since that day 4 years ago. This is the man who ruined the 293rd celebration of the banishment of Yavas-Turi, by burning the statue of Mother Annora! It has taken 3 long years to finally catch him. And now, I sentence you to hang by the neck until you are dead, and send your immortal soul to Yavas-Turi where it rightfully belongs!” Elder Ravi preached to the crowd.

But before he could pull the level to end the man’s life, Bella shot a spell to knock him off the gallows deck. With another slash of her wand, she snapped the rope around Michael’s neck and went to his side. He slowly opens his eyes to see hers staring back at him. “T-told you I’d come back.” He said, coughing. “Yeah, and it only took you 4 years and to nearly die to do it.” Bella said. Suddenly, Elder Ravi gets back up. “Woman! How dare you obstruct an execution?! Who even are you?” He said. Master, do you not recognize me?” She replied. The elder gasped in shock at the woman bearing the red mark across her face. “Clarabella, m-my sweet. My Goddess, look at you. You’ve grown into a very beautiful woman.” He said.

“It’s Bella now, and I have news for you. I have returned to my home to fulfill my role and stop you and so that Viaks may once again travel through Zovia without fear of persecution and death.” Bella said. “Your role?” He asked. “Behold. I am Bella Turi, the 5th Anue’k of the Zoviak Order.” She raises her arms in the air and lightning shoots from the sky and into her open hands. She then points to Elder Ravi with traces of lightning still in her fingers, “Will you cease to be the corrupt man you are, John Howard Ravi?” Then, Elder Ravi’s face changes to a look of anger. He pulls his wand out of it’s pocket. “NEVER!”  He yells. The people scatter and run in different directions to get out of the path of the Elder and the Anue’k.

Elder John starts by blasting Bella with a stunning spell. Bella countered with a shield and sleeping spell. The two fought furiously as the onlookers watched. Then, John blasted her into the air and through the Temple’s wall. She fell with a loud thud on the floor in the grand corridor and slid down the hallway. Before she could completely get up, the elder was standing over her. He grabbed her by the throat and lifted her into the air. “I should’ve known you’d risk your life to save them. Just as your mother died trying to save you and herself from me.” He said. “(cough) W-what?” she struggled to say. “It wasn’t an accident that she died. When she refused to let go of you, I struck her and spilled her blood over the steps of the temple.” He explained, “And now, I’m going to do what I should’ve done, 21 YEARS AGO!”

He raises his wand and casts the killing spell, but just as it hits Bella’s chest. It is stopped by her hands. She manages to catch the spell and contain it in a ball of energy, just as her past life Lisa De’Barbari. But unlike her, she attempts to redirect it. Elder Ravi dodges the blast and takes out a dagger, beginning to lunge at the Anue’k. She uses her super quick reflexes to avoid being stabbed until he lunges at her full force, with no alternative option, she swipes her hand and the dagger turns around in her hand at the last second causing him to stab it into his own stomach when he attacks her.  

He falls to his knees and holds his abdomen in an attempt to slow the bleeding. She holds him to keep him upright. “I’m sorry it had to come to this. You had to be stopped. Then, without a word he forces his face forward, surprising Bella with a kiss. He continues in the kiss for a few extra seconds until he falls backward to the ground, where he dies. He was 54 years old.

She picks up his body and carries through the halls and lays it on the table in front of the Tulek and Elder Natalia Puress. “It was never supposed to come to this” Bella whispered. “John had become corrupted by his hatred for the Viaks and his power.” It was inevitable.” said Tulek Cedric Wilson, “I will prepare his body for burial. Natalia, inform Louis and his mother of John’s death. Louis will be sworn in as the new elder tomorrow.”

They next day, after Louis Ravi was made the next Elder, Bella stood up to talk to the crowd. “Many of you do not know who I am. My name is Bella Turi. I am the 5th Anue’k of the Zoviak Order. I speak to you today to end the 204 year ban of Viaks in the town of Zovia.” She said. After her speech, she met up with Michael and returned to The King’s palace together.

They fell in love and 2 years later, they got married. Although Bella believed that the most difficult part of her life was over, she was mistaken. 9 years later in 1657, King James’ son James II was crowned king. But he was nothing like his father.  Two weeks after his coronation, he passed several new laws and taxes that drove the rich members of the kingdom into near poverty.

Whenever Bella attempted to talk to him about this, he would merely turn from her and explain to her that he was the King and that he had the authority to do as he pleases with the kingdom’s taxes. Because of this, many subjects resorted to breaking the 2nd law of the Zoviax and use their magic to make money out of thin air. Anyone caught doing this of course was promptly arrested and thrown in the dungeon for varying amounts of time.

Bella spent the next 15 years of her life helplessly watching as the boy she had known since he was 6 years old as a kind loving child grow into an unforgiving king who ruled with an iron fist. It was one autumn day that the Captain of the royal guard called Bella, Princess Catherine, and Annabeth into a room in private. “Your holiness, King James I…is dying.” The Captain said. The 3 rushed into King James’ bedchamber. James I was now 59 years old. King James II had been asked to come also, but he refused, stating he was too busy with royal affairs. James I’s hair had grown long and white. He had been fighting an illness for the last 4 years. “Catherine, my sweet, come here.” The former king whispered. “H-here I am father.” She sobbed. “(Cough) I have asked a lot from you in your life, and now I must ask you of one last request.” He said.

“Anything father!” she promised.” Take care of your mother. Make her happy as I have for the last 38 years.” He said. He then called over his wife and whispered something into her ear. After that, he finally calls over Bella. “Bella, my sweet, finding you in that cramp tower in the Temple was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I want you to know that I have never regretted sparing your husband. For if he was caught, I would have never met you.” He said with tears in his eyes, “Please, look after my son. He has been troubled with his role as king and It worries me. I know he isn’t as cold as many believe him to be.”

After he finishes talking to her, Bella runs out of the room to get his son. He finds him in his royal study working writing a letter to the Temple. “James, your father is dying. I plead with you to see him.” She says. “I am far too busy to see to my father. Now leave me.” He replies, not even looking up from his letter. “I see. Will you do nothing then? Will you continue with your royal duties while he dies?” he asks. The king stands and looks out the window at the town below the castle. “I warned him to have that illness checked out 3 years ago. He told me he was fine. Now he is merely paying the price of not heeding my advice.” He says rather coldly as Bell awalks up to him. “You…COLD-BLOODED BASTARD!!!!!!” Bella yells at him. Without skipping a beat, King James II turns around and backhands Bella across the face swifly. ‘HOLD YOUR TONGUE ANUE’K BEFORE I CUT IT OUT MYSELF!!!!!”