Walter 2

Walter Bone== Walter Bone was born in 1994. He is a zoviak.

His parents were Jason and Elisa Bone.

Personal LifeEdit

Walter went to the same school as Anton and the others. His mother was an English Teacher at the same school. He constantly bullied Anton and his friends. However, in 2010, when he was assigned by Charles to kill Principal Landers he couldn't do it and all his arrogance vanished. Instead Elisa did it.

Life after  the Great Battle of D.C.Edit

After the Great Battle of D.C, Walter vanished. Knowing he would be hunted down, he fleeted to his Uncle's house and was not heard from until he resurfaced in 2017 when he helped train Crystal and Edward Anvil.

Things responsible for.Edit

Walter killed Isabella Jackson(Freeze Princess) in 2028 as revenge for the death of his mother.