Zoviax 001
Zoviax are humans who have supernatural magic powers. They are like witches and wizards, except they have a king or Queen who rules over them.


They use wands to cast spells. Their spells include killing, soul-sucking, and other horrid spells.


They wear long black robes and cloaks that conseal their wands. In the hotter weather they wear black shorts and sleeveless shirts.


In the beginning of the zoviax culture, there was a large red crystal. It was in early zoviak belief that this crystal was the source of all their magic. In 1232, the elder zoviax broke the crystal into stone sized pieces and started putting them into their wands. A wand is made by taking a boiling cauldron of water, take 14 inch stick, and break it into eight pieces and dropping it into the cauldron. Then you add a few drops of the zoviak’s blood, and any other things to add to the wand. Gray smoke will arise out of the caldron and will form into a wand in the zoviak’s hand. The crystal improved the wand’s power beyond their comprehension. But however, the crystal also allowed the wand to be able to be used by everyone, zoviax and non-magic humans. When the Elder Zoviak died the wand was to be passed down to their eldest child. Unfortunately, the wands were lost and destroyed over the ages over time. In 1347, Jonathan Orbin Anvil; a decedent of one of the original Elder Zoviax, was made the zoviak king. His bloodline would become royalty for the rest of eternity. He put a spell on his family so that they first born child was always a son so the name was never lost. The Zoviak palace was built in a now destroyed island called “Zovia” in 1375.

Out of the 15 original wands, only one remained the wand of Gregory Ellwood. Gregory was the last owner of the wand for nearly 3 centuries. In 1423, Samuel Anvil; the Zoviak King, demanded the wand be handed over to him because the century wand bequeathed to him was destroyed centuries ago. Instead, Gregory ordered a sword made by the same people who made Excalibur. He then disguised the wand as the handle of the sword. Gregory told King Samuel that the wand was lost and kept the sword for the rest of his life and was buried with it in death, which broke the century wand law. However, in 1627, three zoviax broke into his tomb and raided it. They took many valuables, including the Sword. Soon after making off with their stolen treasures, they began to fight over how to divide it and killed each other. Only one of the thieves managed to survive. He sold all the treasures except for the sword.

After many years using it as a prime weapon, he one day discovered the handle was a wand. Overcome by a sense of power, he preceded to use it to assassinate King Peter Anvil and his wife Queen Annabelle. The King and Queen’s son James took the throne shortly after. As the new zoviak king, he ordered the man who killed his parents to be captured and brought to him alive. It took 3 weeks to hunt him down and capture him. The man was dragged into the castle and into the throne room. King James ordered him to be beheaded the next morning and his body to be burned. His ashes were scattered across the entire Zoviak cemetery which was started in 1410. The head of the King and Queen’s murder was mounted on a stake in the courtyard of the castle. Over time, the head rotted into a skull. One day King James noticed this and took the skull off the stake. He laid it on a marble table and took his dagger and a servant’s wand and crossed them behind the skull. “This shall be our symbol, our mark.” He said.

And with that he took out his wand and said aloud, “I, King James Matthew Anvil, make this gathering of objects the eternal symbol of the Zoviax, royal and servant.” The king pointed his wand at the sky and said, “Symbalazova!” A blue beam shot into the air, casting a replication of the skull, dagger and wand into the sky. King James was the first king to create a new spell.

Five days later, the executed zoviak’s home was broken into and searched. They took the sword and many other things. The sword was presented to King James. He took the sword and put it on the mantle above the fireplace. The sword remained there through 3 kings. King James’ great grandson; Prince Eric, had zoviak ceremonial robes made. The first robes were basic brown hooded robes for the men and brown dresses for the women zoviax in 1753.

Eric’s little sister Elizabeth one day took the sword off the mantle and tried to play with it. What she didn’t know however was that her great grandfather King James cursed the sword to only respond to the heir to the throne to keep it from being stolen again. The sword’s blade turned a blood red color and the entire sword turned red-hot. Feeling the blistering charcoal-like heat, Elizabeth attempted to let go of the sword, but the handle was stuck fast to her hand. The sword refused to release young Elizabeth! She began screaming for help. Her brother and a few of his royal subjects heard her pleas and came rushing to the rescue. But it was too late. They all watched in horror as Princess Elizabeth’s skin turned magma red and she burst into flames and a moment later was gone. The sword laid on the floor where Elizabeth stood a second ago, cooling down and turning back to its original color.

Prince Eric, being the 17 year-old heir to the throne, picked up the sword and silently took his Great grandfather’s curse off of it. He spent the next 4 months mourning his sister. A 6 foot statue of Elizabeth was built in the same courtyard King James put the head of his parent’s murderer. At the statue’s feet he laid his sister’s wand. Over the next few weeks Eric sank into a depressed mood, visiting Elizabeth’s statue every day and sometimes not leaving it.

It was only when he turned 18 that he rose out of this depressed mood. He married a normy, which is a zoviak’s name for a non-magic human. He instantly became the Zoviak King. They had 4 children who were half-bloods in 1762, 1765, 1767, and 1770. King Eric’s wife was from Ireland and had very strong hair genes, resulting in all their children being gingers. Their children were Xavier, Seamus, Fiona, and Elizabeth, after Eric’s sister.

The Anvil children learned magic when they each turned 13. Xavier; who was heir to the throne passed 3 spells only to be able to be used by the royal family. The Soul-sucking spell, the torment curse, and the resurrection spell. Fiona and Seamus changed the ceremonial robe design. Now they were to be black hooded robes with each zoviak’s face painted a personal mask design. King Eric became ill in 1777 and died. His funeral was held the next day. He was buried with his wand in the zoviax cemetery in the mass family crypt along with his forefathers. Xavier walked up to the Anvil Crypt and pointed his wand into the sky and pronounced the spell his great, great grandfather King James created. He shot the zoviax symbol into the sky, casting it above the entire cemetery. It was done after every cemetery visit ever since.

Xavier grew up and took the throne when he married a pure blood zoviak in 1781. Three years later the castle was destroyed in a fire. Using protective spells, everyone in the castle, was able to make it out alive. Xavier walked through the charred castle rubble and picked up many things, including the sword of Gregory Ellwood and other treasures. He told all the zoviax to find new homes. And with that the zoviax split up and spread out across the world, only to reunite at ceremonies. To better recognize his zoviak brethren, King Xavier had every zoviak put the symbol on their wrists to signify that they were zoviax. The Anvil family moved to London, England and built a very large mansion, only using their wands. After the Anvil family moved into their mansion, King Xavier ordered the treasures to be put on a ship and sailed to England, where he would put them in the mansion. However, three days into the voyage, the ship hit a wreath and sank. The sword and all the silver and gold of the zoviax castle were lost for more than two hundred years.